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Why Ironworks? AI Automated Construction Equipment Cost Management Software.

Why Ironworks?

In the fiercely competitive and equipment driven infrastructure construction industry, where equipment costs are up to 60% of total direct job costs, and jobs are awarded to the low bidder, and no two jobs are alike - equipment costs matter.

The bottom line for infrastructure contractors: Jobs are lost if equipment charge rates are too high, profits are lost if equipment charge rates are too low.

And yet today infrastructure contractors typically rely on simplistic spreadsheets and coarse accounting data to build this year's charge rates by offsetting last year's equipment department budget variances.

Ironworks enables infrastructure contractors to manage equipment costs smarter – from the board room, to the bid table, to the field – by providing them a cloud-based machine employment cost estimating system, complete with an estimate template, expert cost estimating tools, and never-before-available machine employment cost data.

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About Ironworks. Construction Equipment Charge Rate Optimization.

About Ironworks

Ironworks is disruptive technology. It changes the way infrastructure contractors manage their equipment costs and thereby enables them to bid more successfully and build more profitably.

It does so by integrating its copyrighted Heavy Equipment Cost Breakdown Structure with expert equipment cost estimating tools to create a machine employment cost estimating system that produces highly accurate charge rates involving never-before-available equipment cost data points. It then de-identifies and feeds the individual data points to its analytics engine for statistical characterization and cataloging so the statistical results can be fed back on-demand to its subscribers in a virtuous cycle.

Better still, Ironworks automates equipment cost management by employing AI-powered technology to function as a virtual machine employment cost estimator and data analyst that produces complex machine employment cost estimates and answers deep questions posed in natural language about equipment employment.

Ironworks is being designed and developed by Grantlun Corporation, a nationally recognized provider of expert solutions to the infrastructure construction industry since 1989. Grantlun designed and developed the Hard Dollar Estimating Office System and Project Execution System. These systems are offered today in their current forms by InEight Inc. (a Kiewit Corporation company) as part of their cloud-based construction project management software, used daily by contractors around the world as they build billions of dollars’ worth of construction projects.

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